Finally Understanding Google Adwords Ranking

Finally Understanding Google Adwords Ranking

Finally an EASY explaination of Google Adwords Ranking! An HD presentation describing how Google Adwords ranks Cost per Click advertisements next to search results on After watching this video you will change the way you look at publishing your ads on google and will understand the importance of quality. Presentation by Joseph Todaro, Owner of Trifecta Fotografic – Orange County http
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25 thoughts on “Finally Understanding Google Adwords Ranking

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  11. Very helpful – should be placed in the center on the GoogleAds-Homepage! 🙂 What was new to me is that there seemed to be something like a minimum bid by Google. But: How do I know this min-bid for a specific keyword? My bids seem to be (too?) low, so until today I have never seen any of my own adverts, even though there are no adverts by other companies for my keyword …

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