Find Backlinks To Your Blog in the Dashboard, Technorati and Google Webmaster Tools Find incoming links in your WordPress dashboard, on Technorati and in Google Webmaster Tools. Building backlinks to your blog or website is an important tools for improving SEO. Read the full post http Learn how to: View incoming links to your blog from your WordPress dashboard Locate incoming links on your blog’s listing on Technorati (be sure to claim your blog with Technorati first – Use Google Webmaster Tools to see incoming links Subscribe to this channel Follow me on Twitter Add me to circles on Google+
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8 thoughts on “Find Backlinks To Your Blog in the Dashboard, Technorati and Google Webmaster Tools

  1. Great job, Ileane… I just started a weblog…and I noticed I have suspicious incoming links… how do I get rid of them? It would be nice to share that…thanks!

  2. I’m so glad I found you, Ileane! You have a real talent for conveying important, implementable information in a way that is clear without talking down to us. Thank you!

  3. Hey Ileane, thanks for the video. Some great tips here. Didn’t even know about incoming links but then my blog is very new. So does that mean you then link back to these site and leave your own comments?

  4. Yeah. I feel the same, now. Don’t mind I am asking for it here, but I was expecting your comments on my contest entry. And a BIG thanks for tweeting my posts. 🙂

  5. If you read latest post on oddblogger by Holly, there I made two graphics myself in that post. This is my new year resolution. Better to make my own graphics rather than getting it from other free images websites. 🙂

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