Find the Edge Expert Reveals Easy Way to Generate Content Ideas In New Video

Manchester (PRWEB UK) 9 July 2013

A bookcase can be a treasure trove of ideas for anyone who needs to generate content on a regular basis, Chris Payne has said in a new Find the Edge video.

In the video, he explains how personal bookcases can provide an illuminating insight into an individual’s forgotten interests and passions.

Payne said: “This is what I would recommend for you if you want to create content for your site to help you get more business.

“Take a look at your bookcase to remind yourself of what you know and also what you’re interested in. Often we forget what we know and what interests us so a quick look at your bookcase can be a great reminder of that.”

Payne explains how opening a book can provide inspiration instantly, with a single quote often able to sustain 2-300 words of focused writing about a subject.

He suggests the tactic can be effective for bloggers as well as thought leaders and anyone who wants to generate regular content that can build trust within a customer base.

Payne said: “What I recommend you do is to go to your bookshelf, pick out one book that you like or dislike. Pull it off the shelf and think about what it is you like or dislike about it. What could you share about it?

“Once you’ve thought it through, either record a video on the spur of the moment, or sit and write some words. Then either post that onto your website or send it to a friend or colleague to get their input and refine it.

“Creating and sharing quality content helps your customers to get to know you and trust you.”

The full video can be viewed here:

Chris Payne is a business consultant who regularly generates innovative content. More about him can be found here:

Kenny Goodman, founder of Find the Edge, said: “Anyone who has to generate content on a daily basis is likely to experience writer’s block occasionally.

“Chris’s video provides a simple solution to this problem. Next time I’m stuck for an idea, I’ll be heading straight for my bookshelf!”

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