Fink – Welcome to Google

Fink is a Google employee out of the NYC office. Please like and SHARE this video! Download FREE at Thanks for the support!…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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24 Responses to Fink – Welcome to Google

  1. Mitchell Callahan says:

    Bing blows.

  2. river750777 says:

    …. Even this can’t make me hate google.

  3. echaritos says:

    They seem to have time for this $h1t…But Google Reader they sent to RIP….Awful…

  4. JoeBot57 says:

    please make this stop

  5. MartynC65 says:

    I thought this would be something interesting but shitty music started playing and I lost all interest.

  6. HydraSR says:

    Dude, there is a huge difference between disliking Google and disliking this video :)

  7. ValterVogeli says:

    Der gläserne Menschensklave… weil er diesen “coolen” Jungs alle Daten in den Rachen wirft… (the “slave made out of glass” to those “cool” guys,, who you through all your data in their jaws)

  8. AltonTowersChild says:

    I really like it despite what most people are saying. I love you Google.

  9. graciecatchrist says:

    Actually, I was watching this on Google Reader… guess I won’t be able to do that after July 1st. No telling what we’re doing next? KILLING SERVICES PEOPLE ACTUALLY LOVE. That is all.

  10. Surtsey250 says:


  11. argiopetube says:

    I’m betting that the people appear in this video are not engineers at all. Good job recruiting folks.

  12. 0nepieceKing says:

    the Musik is realy fucked up .. but Google is one of th eim portants things in the interwebz …. and only Apple Fags can dislike this ..

  13. Alan Bleiweiss says:

    First of all, white people need to stop pretending they can rap. Second, it’s not the plex. The plex is in California, not New York. On all counts, this is sad. just sad.

  14. TheBitchofthebitches says:

    yeah if only other people knew this clip is crazy good Hey i use this to get this in mp3 >> bit.lyZDb1HE

  15. michaelhalfblood says:

    If I wanted to listen to white people who can’t rap… wait, I don’t want to listen to white people who can’t rap. What the fuck am I doing here?

  16. carfansunited says:

    Google is becoming a religion? xD

  17. Isaiah Coe says:

    This is actually really good, why so many haters? (Bing Lovers Maybe?)

  18. mrjackster001 says:

    are they f*cking serious? that’s it – i’m off to yahoo.

  19. David Giles says:

    This wasn’t THAT bad.

  20. Franze Roque says:

    I bet you they didn’t edit this with chrome os

  21. Tyrin Caldwell says:

    See any minorities in this “rap” video? Google knows how to keep it “gangsta” and “funky fresh” for all the younger kids looking to work in a vanilla environment.

  22. prokon24 says:

    0:52 MacBook Meets Droid Go Droid GO This song is Ballin

  23. Martin Santos says:

    Youtube is owned by Google but it is not a Google innovation. I get that you love your company and so do we all but get your facts straight. You may also want to edit those Apple computers out of there. The Macbook AND the Mackintosh.

  24. TheEthcat says:

    I like this

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