Fink – Welcome to Google

Fink is a Google employee out of the NYC office. Please like and SHARE this video! Download FREE at Thanks for the support!…
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24 thoughts on “Fink – Welcome to Google

  1. Der gläserne Menschensklave… weil er diesen “coolen” Jungs alle Daten in den Rachen wirft… (the “slave made out of glass” to those “cool” guys,, who you through all your data in their jaws)

  2. Actually, I was watching this on Google Reader… guess I won’t be able to do that after July 1st. No telling what we’re doing next? KILLING SERVICES PEOPLE ACTUALLY LOVE. That is all.

  3. First of all, white people need to stop pretending they can rap. Second, it’s not the plex. The plex is in California, not New York. On all counts, this is sad. just sad.

  4. If I wanted to listen to white people who can’t rap… wait, I don’t want to listen to white people who can’t rap. What the fuck am I doing here?

  5. See any minorities in this “rap” video? Google knows how to keep it “gangsta” and “funky fresh” for all the younger kids looking to work in a vanilla environment.

  6. Youtube is owned by Google but it is not a Google innovation. I get that you love your company and so do we all but get your facts straight. You may also want to edit those Apple computers out of there. The Macbook AND the Mackintosh.

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