First Google, then Facebook, then…who?

First Google, then Facebook, then…who?
That's the question marketers are asking as they try to spend effectively on the Web, and even more so on mobile, where traffic is shifting. Heading into quarterly earnings reports next week, Google and Facebook utterly dominate digital advertising …
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Google's 'Works with Cardboard' program is all about VR compatibility
Google wants all apps developed for its Cardboard VR headset to work properly with, well, any version of its device. That's tougher than it sounds, since the headset's open-source, and a lot of companies and individual users are tweaking it to their …
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Gov. Kate Brown signs 'gigabit' tax bill for Google Fiber
The company arrived in Portland in early 2014 and said it might bring its hyperfast Internet service to town. All it needed, Google Fiber said, was a little time to evaluate the market. In the 14 months since, Portland and the state have been wrestling …

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