First Look – Samsung Galaxy Nexus

First Look - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Today Samsung and google revealed the Google Galaxy Nexus.Yes this phone share the name with the nexus theme with the google phones and the galaxy theme with samsungs latest tablets and smartphones. The phone featues a 5 Megapixle camera, 1GB of Ram, a 1.2GHZ dual core processor, and will be the first phone to be running the new icecream sandwhich OS? The phone goes on sale in November and will be the first Android 4.0 Smartphone. No the phone isn’t the Nexus Prime but the Galaxy Nexus. Learn More at :

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15 Responses to First Look – Samsung Galaxy Nexus

  1. shaensgen9 says:

    yeah not exactly true, they are “just in time” buttons and when they are not needed they go away like say viewing a movie.

  2. edude03 says:

    I think you answered you own question, the screen is 4.65 because 4.3 is the standard right now and with the software buttons always at the bottom you really only have 4.3 viewable :)

  3. Daniel Dini says:

    Been thinkin da same.. Waste of space.

  4. bhittsmv9 says:

    i freaked out when I heard below

  5. toomuchgame441 says:

    I’m still baffled at what the point of the 4.65inch screen if theres always going to be a black bar on the lower screen dedicated to the menu/home keys? Its really just 4.3 inches… smh

  6. BabyEater9000 says:


  7. Narleeth says:

    f***ing awesome.

  8. xIceex4Life says:

    Actually, the 4S processor is ~800MHz Dual Core.

  9. Sebastian Ärleryd says:

    Since when has the frequency of a cpu been an exact measure of how power full it is?

  10. juliensays says:

    iphone 4s specs FTW!!!

  11. chris pinkston says:

    1.3mp front camera. iphone 4s has vga front camera, thats less than 1mp.

  12. SuperDroix says:

    1.3 mp camera??

  13. lolsanaa says:

    thank you for a great video!

  14. jayzg60 says:

    razr thin really? thts copyright lol 

  15. kdejaeger says:

    grr that world of tanks add sucks, nothing to do with this video

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