First Software Tool To Help Businesses To Succeed With Local Search Services

(PRWEB) May 11, 2005

Local search is the most important trend in search marketing. According to latest estimates, 20 percent of all searches are locally oriented. Popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo have started their own local search services to attract people who use their PC instead of the yellow pages to find local services.

Research firm the Kelsey Group forecasts that the local search market will be worth $ 3.4 billion in five years. This is a huge opportunity for small businesses with an Internet presence.

Unfortunately, most businesses do not know how to optimize their web pages so that they can be found in the new local search services. There are many tools available that offer general search engine optimization but none of them covers the new local search services.

The new software program IBP 8 closes this gap. IBP 8 is the first search engine optimization tool that offers special support for local search services.

Its web site optimization editor prepares business web pages in such way that search engines can find out the location of the company, the zip code and the city name. With the help of IBP, local search services can even direct visitors to the exact latitude and longitude of the company location.

In addition to local search services, IBP 8 covers all other aspects of search engine promotion, from preparing the web site for the search engines, submitting to the search engines, to verifying the search engine rankings. A built-in scheduler automates time-consuming and tedious tasks saving business owners valuable time.

IBP is successfully used by more than 10,000 businesses in 65 countries. A free trial version of the software and further information is available on the company web site:

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Axandra uses an ethical search engine optimization approach that is beneficial to web surfers, webmasters and search engines.

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