fishbat Inc. Discusses How Social Media Reduces Street Gang Violence

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) April 09, 2013

On April 9, 2013, social media agency fishbat, Inc., details a recent CBS Local article regarding the recent street gang crackdown and the roll that social media played in the detainment of 63 gang members.

According to the CBS Local article, many rival gang members in Harlem used social media as a tactic to scare the community as they promoted the use of violence including gun trafficking, assaults and murder.

In the article, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says, Social media remains a double-edged sword in our crime fighting strategies. It is used by crew members to brag about past crimes, taunt rivals, and incite violence, Kelly said. On the other hand, we use social media to document past crimes and intercept new ones being talked about openly by crew members on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The article says suspected gang members used social media networks to outline plans to murder rival crew members with guns. Alleged gang members were using Facebook, Twitter and text messages to plan out their kills and warn allies of police activity, the article says.

Scott Darrohn, COO of social media agency, fishbat Inc. offers his comments in regards to the CBS article. Social media is a growing tool that allows users to communicate and see what others are doing, he says. In this case, the NYPD was able to take a remarkable step by using social media to crack down on crime. The police are using social media very efficiently to monitor illegal behavior and protect our communities from criminals.

Darrohn says social media opens a new way to communicate and track actions. If gang members are publicly dishing out this information on social media, it makes to use it to determine whos participating in illegal activity, he says.

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