fishbat Inc., Leader in Online Marketing Companies, Applauds PlayStation 4’s Social Capabilities

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) March 01, 2013

On March 1, Brad Darrohn, creative coordinator for one of Long Islands leading online marketing companies, responds to an announcement introducing the PlayStation 4 on the newest fishbat Splash video.

The Sony PlayStation 4 has been seven years in the making and was first revealed at a press conference last week. Its biggest feature is its social integration, says Darrohn. The console centers itself around the gamer in an attempt to create the most personal experience possible. Its DualShock controllers feature a share button that can upload clips from the game right to Facebook.

However, Facebook isnt the only way the PlayStation 4 uses social networks. Players can also broadcast gameplay easily on UStream, the video said. Players can also choose to let friends see whats happening in their game by linking to a live feed on UStream, a free personal broadcasting website. In addition to watching games live, the video explained that friends could also comment directly on the players screen, giving tips or helpful hints about that level.

According to fishbats creative coordinator, Brad Darrohn, the technology incorporated in the PlayStation 4 is going to blow away all other game systems. He adds that the social features are going to allow online marketing companies to reach consumers on an entirely different platform. Developers and players will be able to share clips of game demos on Facebook much easier than before.

Its going to open doors for online marketing companies like fishbat, he says. It makes targeting gamers of all ages in the social gaming arena much easier. fishbat has already begun the preliminary research into the outstanding capabilities of the new Sony PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 will also give players the ability to stream movies or TV shows while playing games simultaneously, the video said. Darrohn says marketers could use this technology to their advantage.

While Sony did not reveal the entire physical design for the console, the video said its social core would be the main attraction for consumers and marketers.

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