fishbat, Inc. Says Military Social Media Use Different from Civilian

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) April 02, 2013

On April 2, social media agency fishbat, Inc. responds to social media use by the Israeli military, stating that members of the armed services should be held to a higher level of accountability in comparison to civilians.

According to RT, social media crazes in the Israeli military were seen as unbecoming of the spirit of the IDF” when videos of soldiers dancing to the Harlem Shake went viral.

Just as the government uses social media for explaining, for campaigning, for propaganda or for spinning, it also has to deal with private soldiers using new media. Every soldier is a broadcast station, Israels Center for the Protection of Democracy Executive Director Yizhar Beer told RT.

You have to remember that soldiers are 18-year-old kids, Gil Yogev, who was once an officer with the paratroopers’ unit, told RT.

According to RT, Yogev said he would brief his soldiers regularly about what they could and could not post online, but many were careless or childishly unaware of the impact such material could have.

It is not misuse of power, for them it is just fun, Yogev added.

RT reported that the punishment for such behavior can be strict and result in defamation of the IDF.

Whether it is our military or a foreign military, the armed forces represent the face of a country, comments fishbat CEO Clay Darrohn. There is no reason a member of the armed services should be behaving in a way that brings embarrassment to our armed forces, even if they are just kids.

Darrohn goes on to explain that though his firm releases YouTube videos that are cheeky and entertaining, there is a level of professionalism that is still recognized. We here at fishbat respect our service members for the valiance they bring to our nation. Videos like the Harlem shake are fun to watch and no one is saying that service members cant be a part of the trend, just not in uniform.

Darrohn adds that social media agency fishbat supports their troops.

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