Fitness Pro Kyle Leon Reveals Tips for Boosting Weight Loss, Improving Fitness

New York, New York (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Kyle Leon is passionate about health and fitness and understands that obtaining results takes hard work and dedication. People cannot expect to see improvements overnight. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly leads to weight loss and improved health, but it requires consistency and patience. A recent article on Yahoo! Shine highlights simple changes that people can make to lead to positive results in time. Fitness pro Kyle Leon encourages people to consider these types of changes to benefit their health.

When people try to drastically change their diet and exercise habits all at once, they are often not very successful. Instead of trying to tackle many different aspects of their health, they should focus on making small changes that they continue to carry out. In time, these changes can add up to have a positive impact on their health and fitness.

The first strategy the article recommends is eating soup every day. Studies have shown that this can lead to people consuming fewer calories. When the soup is filled with chunks of vegetables, that is even better. According to one study, people who ate chunky soups ate 20 percent less than those who ate pureed soups.

When eating pizza, people should considering bringing along an extra handful of napkins. The top of pizza is often covered with grease, so blotting the excess grease off before eating is a quick and easy way to save calories. The article points out that this simple task can save people 40 calories and four grams of fat in their meal.

Two foods that people should consider adding more of to their diets are cantaloupe and watermelon. Both of these foods are full of water, which the body needs to remove toxins and relieve water retention and bloat. This will also help keep people feeling fuller longer. Eating an artichoke drizzled with lemon or a touch of sauce can also aid in weight loss.

When going to the grocery store, try to avoid buying foods that come in large quantities. Opting for smaller packages can help people limit themselves to eating less. Experts say that people tend to consume up to 44 percent more when they eat from a larger package.

Many people know that exercise is an important part of staying fit and losing weight. Rather than running or jogging at a consistent speed, the article suggests interspersing sprints into the run. Periodic sprints will help burn more calories by changing the rate at which the heart pumps. It will shift between going faster and slower. A final tip for burning more calories is by doing laundry. Doing laundry oneself can burn an additional 68 calories.

These simple little tricks can help accelerate your fat loss results and promote the right frame of mind for maintaining long-term leanness, explains Kyle Leon. When it comes to staying fit, he knows how important staying motivated is, and that making simple, manageable changes can lead to better results. Kyle Leon encourages people to take advantage of these valuable tips as they work their way to better health.


Specialized nutritionist, personal trainer, and fitness model Kyle Leon has dedicated himself to not only improving his health, but helping others to improve theirs as well. He believes in the value of creating customized nutrition and training programs that work for the needs of each individual based on their body and goals. He is the creator of the Customized Fat Loss system and The Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer system. Sharing his knowledge and experience with others is important to him and he has written a fitness book that has become an international best seller.

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