Fix Your Form: How To Use The Assisted Pull-Up Machine

Fix Your Form: How To Use The Assisted Pull-Up Machine
We spent an afternoon at Equinox with trainer and manager Rebecca Woll, learning the ins and outs of some of the most popular strength-training machines. In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing Woll's thoughts on the biggest mistakes we all make while …
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DMX Scoffs at Drake, Praises Machine Gun Kelly While Talking Up New Album
When host Sway asked for his thoughts on Drake producing a new posthumous album by Aaliyah, the Dog had a bone to pick. "You've been given the opportunity to do an Aaliyah album, yet you don't include anyone that she worked with personally," he said.

Thoughts from the Embers: Technology critique
Instead of speeding up access to computers in Founders, the Fast Lane has been removed and login screens have been implemented on the eMacs, meaning there is no way around the long wait to log in to a Founders machine. The TKS Editorial Board …
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