Fixed Annuities in Connecticut: Organizes Seminar on the Benefits of Fixed Annuities

Connecticut (PRWEB) March 22, 2013

Constructing a retirement plan can be a complex financial puzzle, which requires an understanding of many different sources of income and assets. Fixed annuities in Connecticut have reached its maximum in the last couple of years, where many small business owners and investors want to secure their steady, lifetime income, and protect the investments they have made so far. thought that March would be an ideal month to talk about the benefits of fixed annuities, and that is why they decided to organize another seminar, planned only for certain number of people.

Crowe and Associates is a seasoned group of highly skilled and licensed sales professionals in the investment and insurance fields, located at 304 Federal Road, Suite 107, Brookfield, CT. Their extensive experience, along with a long list of clients and companies, can provide plans that will guarantee the best insurance service in Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut.

One of the most experienced agents of Crowe and Associates stated the following: Fixed annuities have been one of the most popular contracts in out Connecticut office. Probably because it guarantees a certain return on investments. Basically fixed annuities provide stability, tax deferrals and they are also long term. One of the key benefits of a fixed annuity is a guaranteed source of income. This seminar will give information on many other benefits of fixed annuities that will secure a persons lifetime savings. Another benefit is that once you deposit money into your annuity account, it can grow tax-free until you decide to withdraw. Also, fixed annuities can be set to meet certain needs of the investors and can last a specific number of years, or on the other hand, keep paying out for the rest of your life. Feel free to search our website for more information about the seminar.

If you would like to contact Crowe and Associates, please visit their official website or call their phone number at (203) 796-5403.

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