Fixing Frequently Overlooked PPC Campaign Settings – with Melissa Mackey

Novices often make mistakes setting up their PPC campaigns on Google AdWords. In this video interview, paid search expert Melissa Mackey pinpoints the most common mistakes that can cost you money and success — and explains how to fix them. 1. Set a realistic Campaign Daily Budget. Rather than a setting of or 00, your budget ought to make you comfortable, but be set high enough to give you enough data to make the campaign worthwhile. Be careful, however. The Google’s default is no budget cap at all! 2. Carless ad distribution settings. Do you want to show up only on Google, or other search engines, or display sites? Google’s default is “all available sites,” which may not be best for your campaign. Display campaigns, for example have a very different set-up than ads appearing on Google search results pages. Because viewers are in a different ‘mode’ on display network sites, you might want to use different ad copy, landing page, and soft-pedal your call-to-action a bit. Don’t avoid the display network, but use it carefully — and in separate campaigns for search ads. A third option is Google search partners, such as search results on 3. Ad rotation settings for alternate ad copy. The default setting is (a) “optimize for clicks,” which makes Google the most money. Another option is (b) “optimize for conversions.” But Mackey recommends a third option, (c) “rotate evenly.” This way you can keep the decision in your own hands and make sure you get enough results

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