Flash 10.1 running on Android 2.2 using android phone

Flash 10.1 running on Android 2.2 Froyo using a Nexus One‎; the next Google I/O May 19 – 20, 2010 http://code.google.com/intl/fr/events/io/2010/ And Top 10 R…
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19 Responses to Flash 10.1 running on Android 2.2 using android phone

  1. carboy2278 says:

    when will i get this on my droid???????

  2. MaPee1982 says:

    I’ve managed to get Flash 10.1 installed on my HTC Evo running a custom version of the stock Android 2.1 rom, and it works great. BY TIME!!! I can now kill time by playing all those little flash based games from the addictinggames website. Also, is it just me, or does anyone else see alot of the similarities between Android and Symbian, excluding the interface (if there are even any other Symbian users out there)?

  3. MarkC538 says:

    Does it work for the htc hero sprint?

  4. garyminion says:

    Please, Can anyone confirm if this Flash 10.1 Android update will support playback of local .flv files (Flash video .flv stored on memory cards). I need to know this because I would like to play flv video files on a new Android smartphone WITHOUT converting them please help

  5. wasim sultani says:

    it’s gonna be so awesome having Android 2.2 on my Nexus before anyone with an Incredible/Evo for months!!!!! :)

  6. TheRealPerson says:

    Advantages of buying a nexus one over other Android phones. 1. All future android version will be available to you the day they are released. 2. Wifi tethering is a feature in android 2.2 but many carriers such as sprint will disable it or charge for it. 3. In android 2.2 the nexus one will be getting wifi N, it has the capabilities to use it now but android 2.1 does not support it.

  7. TheRealPerson says:

    450% Speed upgrade from android 2.1 to android 2.2 FTW!!!

  8. Ankush Burman says:

    @usporedi who do u know?

  9. Marcos Vilchez says:

    can’t wait to have it on my little nexus one. Nice vid. Thanks.

  10. Li Li says:

    awesome! wait 19th, May

  11. garyminion says:

    @iluvuillkillu I am talking about local .flv files, as in .flv files transferred from my pc onto my memory card.

  12. ycyas says:

    30min Flash app/video and the battery will be dead. lol.

  13. MaPee1982 says:

    @manco82 I think you made an excellent decision. Thumbs Up to you.

  14. DroidX420 says:

    @targeterminated It looks like a sweet phone but google already stopped making and selling them. I was going to get one too.

  15. Northweeeezie says:

    Stupid Apple and no flash, Makes my decision of which phone to buy sooo hard!

  16. theoneborg says:

    I attached a vid of my Nexus one running flash on it’s browser. This is after i updated to Android 2.2, so it’s more of a realistic view of Froyo “out in the wild” rather than this staged demo.

  17. Ome99 says:

    @kinako789 I actually completly agree, there was a ducomentary on google company once, and at the workers common room, they had a large board, where the worlers write all the objective and aims of the company, the central aim which was written the largest and connected to all, was “Rule the world”, NO KIDDING, when the workers were asked about this by the presenter, they laughed, but I don’t really take it for a joke.

  18. greenrolaids says:

    iphones are now referred to as … The phone grandma uses.

  19. christhrasher says:

    That was a GLORIOUS description. Best Top 10 List ever. I might just have to forward this to some people…

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