FLAVORx Asks, Is EQ Good For IQ? Research Shows Caffeine Improves Brain Power

Bethesda, MD (PRWEB) January 28, 2006

Through the years, critics have erroneously linked caffeine to many negative health problems. But recent studies refute most of these claims, showing that the only scientifically-proven medical downside is that caffeine may lead to a temporary elevation in blood pressure. The latest reports from both Time magazine and CNN found that caffeine does in fact heighten mental performance. Caffeine has been shown to improve brain function and energy levels, the core elements needed to efficiently process and focus daily activities and problems. This is what we all had thought and wanted to hear. At least all of us who are Starbuck’s junkies or fans of energy drink tablets like EQ, the unique and healthy twist on caffeinated energy drinks. FLAVORx, Inc. came up with the product as a healthy alternative to many energy drinks. EQ is the first-ever effervescent energy tablet in the U.S. that provides a quick boost of caffeine and essential vitamins and minerals to help you feel revived and rejuvenated day or night.

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