Flex Analytics LLC and Carahsoft Partner to Bring Advanced Multimedia Analytical Solutions and Content to Government Via New Multimedia Analytics Center of Excellence

Bethesda, MD (PRWEB) May 07, 2013

Flex Analytics LLC, a leading provider of multimedia analytical solutions for government and industry, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Carahsoft Technology Corp., the trusted government IT solutions provider. Through the partnership, the companies are forming a Multimedia Analytics Center of Excellence to provide innovative solutions that exploit a range of multimedia content encompassing image, video, audio and other non-text content. In addition, these Flex Analytics solutions have also been added to Carahsofts GSA schedule.

Flex Analytics has a growing list of solutions that range from enhanced biometric identification capabilities, web scale machine translation, speech transcription, speech transcription in multiple languages, global video content monitoring and search and analytics for image and full motion video including the automated analysis of unmanned aerial vehicle full motion video both during and following a mission. These solutions are powered by its reseller partnerships with piXlogic, LinguaSys, IntelCenter and other multimedia analytics and content companies as well.

piXlogic offers analytical software which enables its customers to search image, full motion video and other pixel- oriented content much as people use Google and Lucene to search text documents. Using piXlogics software, image and video content can be automatically tagged and searched using an image as the search term, thereby enabling a range of multimedia content exploitation activities previously unavailable to most organizations.

LinguaSys provides its proprietary Carabao Linguistic Virtual Machine, a human language technology software solution that interprets the meaning and sentiment of written text and translates it directly from one language to another. LinguaSys unique technology provides deep linguistics analysis, translation between language pairs and support for natural language interfaces.

IntelCenter is a provider of counterterrorism intelligence with more than two decades of experience in the collection, analysis and exploitation of terrorist and rebel video. It has the largest searchable archive of rebel and terror video in the world containing thousands of hours of footage going back to the early 1990s and as current as a few minutes ago. IntelCenter also provides a wide range of other counterterrorism focused products and services designed for the operator and analytical communities.

Clearly, there is a gap in solution offerings in this market space, said Michael Shrader, vice president of Carahsofts Innovative and Intelligence Solutions team. Flex Analytics is working closely with Carahsoft to become a multimedia analytics center of excellence for Carahsofts customers and partners, providing innovative solutions to exploit a range of multimedia content encompassing image, video, audio and other non-text content.

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