FlightStats Announces October 2013 Airline/Airport On-Time Performance Report

Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) November 05, 2013

FlightStats, Inc., the leader in global flight and airport information services, has released the October 2013 Airline and Airport On-time Performance Report. The report covers airlines and airports in the following regions: Major International, North America, Europe and Asia. Get the October 2013 FlightStats On-time Airline and Airport Performance Report.

The FlightStats October 2013 On-time Performance Report Summary:

Major International Airlines On-time Arrivals

Major International airlines on average delivered 81.90% of their flights to the arrival gate within 15 minutes of schedule in October, up slightly from September. Nearly 10% of major international flights were delayed by 30 minutes or less, leaving roughly 9% to be delayed longer than 30 minutes. (OS) Austrian Airlines, (AY) Finnair, (DL) Delta and (JL) Japan Airlines topped the list this month and delivered over 90% of their flights on time.

The top ten performing major international airlines and their on-time percentages were:

1 (OS) Austrian Airlines 91.31%

2 (AY) Finnair 91.05%

3 (DL) Delta 90.54%

4 (JL) Japan Airlines 90.51%

5 (GF) Gulf Air 89.14%

6 (SK) SAS 88.99%

7 (NH) ANA 88.93%

8 (IB) Iberia 88.44%

9 (US) US Airways 87.87%

10 (UX) Air Europa 87.49%

North America Airlines On-time Arrivals

On average, North American airlines delivered 84.25% of their flights to the arrival gate within 15 minutes of schedule. (HA) Hawaiian maintained the top spot in North America with an on-time performance rating of 94.87%, while (DL) Delta continued to lead the majors, delivering 90.54% of their flights on-time, up from September.

North Americas top ten performing airlines and their on-time percentages were:

1 (HA) Hawaiian 94.87%

2 (G4) Allegiant 91.13%

3 (3M) Silver 90.59%

4 (DL) Delta 90.54%

5 (QX) Horizon 90.43%

6 (9E) Pinnacle 89.54%

7 (VX) Virgin America 88.86%

8 (CP) Compass 88.73%

9 (AS) Alaska 88.60%

10 (QK) Jazz 88.13%

European Airlines On-time Arrivals

The on-time performance for the European airlines was 84.79%. (SK) SAS led the major carriers with a 88.99% on-time performance rating, (IB) Iberia followed closely with 88.44%. (TF) Malmo Aviation took the top spot among European carries delivering 97.45% of its flights on-time. The group experienced a low 0.86% cancellation rate.

The top ten on-time arrival performers among European carriers were:

1 (TF) Malmo Aviation 97.45%

2 (ZN) NAYSA 95.11%

3 (I2) Iberia Express 93.97%

4 (KF) Blue1 92.90%

5 (CT) Air One CityLiner 92.80%

6 (BT) airBaltic 92.10%

7 (OA) Olympic Air 91.91%

8 (DY) Norwegian Air Shuttle 91.84%

9 (OS) Austrian Airlines 91.31%

10 (WA) KLM Cityhopper 91.08%

Asian Airlines On-time Arrivals

The average on-time performance rating among the Asian airlines was 75.74%, up from 73.65% last month. (XM1) J-Air was ranked number one among Asian airlines with an on-time performance of 93.91%, leading the major carriers was (JL) Japan Airlines with an on-time performance of 90.51%. Major Chinese carriers, (CA) Air China, (MU) China Eastern, (CZ) China Southern, and (HU) Hainan Airlines all continued to improve their on-time performance ratings in October.

Here are the top ten on-time arrival performers among Asian carriers:

1 (XM1) J-Air 93.91%

2 (BX) Air Busan 93.68%

3 (EH) ANA Wings 91.32%

4 (JC) JAL Express 91.20%

5 (HD) Hokkaido 91.09%

6 (JL) Japan Airlines 90.51%

7 (3X) Japan Air Commuter 90.13%

8 (NU) Japan Transocean 89.10%

9 (FD) Thai AirAsia 89.00%

10 (NH) ANA 88.93%

Major International Airports On-time Departures

Delivering an on-time performance rating of 92.52%, (HND) Tokyos Haneda is back in the top spot among the worlds busiest airports, (SEA) Seattle and (DTW) Detroit followed. The average on-time departure performance among the top international airports was 79.24% up slightly from September. (SIN) Singapore canceled 5.93% of flights in October, down from 6.06% in September.

The top ten performers among international airports were:

1 Tokyo (HND) 92.52%

2 Seattle (SEA) 89.68%

3 Detroit (DTW) 89.38%

4 Minneapolis (MSP) 89.38%

5 Toronto (YYZ) 88.93%

6 Boston (BOS) 88.12%

7 Atlanta (ATL) 87.74%

8 Miami (MIA) 87.57%

9 Charlotte (CLT) 87.07%

10 New York (JFK) 86.64%

North American Airports On-time Departures

The average on-time departure performance for the North American airports was 84.90% up again from September and August. (HNL) Honolulu remained in the top spot with 93.73% on-time departure performance in October, with (YUL) Montreal and (SLC) Salt Lake City following closely. Cancellations for the group continued to decrease, with an average of 0.64% compared to 0.91% in September, (MDW) Chicago reported a low 0.10%.

Here is a summary of the on-time departure performance for the ten best performing large North American airports:

1 Honolulu (HNL) 93.73%

2 Montreal (YUL) 91.32%

3 Salt Lake City (SLC) 91.03%

4 Washington (DCA) 90.20%

5 Vancouver (YVR) 90.00%

6 Seattle (SEA) 89.68%

7 Detroit (DTW) 89.38%

8 Minneapolis (MSP) 89.38%

9 Toronto (YYZ)

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