Flite Test – Quadshot – REVIEW

More photos and information at the website: http://flitetest.com/articles/Quadshot The Quadshot is a flying wing that is designed to be flown as a quadcopter…

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15 Responses to Flite Test – Quadshot – REVIEW

  1. vmadhusoodanan95 says:

    A spelling contest on how to spell flight.

  2. NBSValo says:

    Where can i buy one?!

  3. polygunz007 says:

    This reminds me of the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey.

  4. Joe Spedale Jr says:

    I was thinking the same!

  5. tele1974 says:

    IT’S HORRIBLE! Followed by response video.

  6. Abletoroll says:

    Who can s bigger d’s  I bet you both win.

  7. Ed KBYO says:

    Cool vid guys. I have never played with this kind of stuff, but looks fun.

  8. Jacob Pendleton says:


  9. mebesaturday says:

    add some “kick stands” to the plane mode “Verticle stabilizers” would help landings and save many props

  10. Sterlin0 says:

    Let’s make one of scale 1:1

  11. Ron Here says:

    wow i really wanna get that helyplain how can i contact yo guys

  12. Oliver Spira says:


  13. Oliver Spira says:


  14. William Ericsson says:

    I heard a Swedish accent….

  15. westomopresto says:

    It looks ugly, but im sure it’s fun to fly

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