Fluffle Puff Tales: “Just Another Day”

At least it’s uploaded, I guess. http://askflufflepuff.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.com/fluffle_puff http://dan-vs-fim.tumblr.com/ I’m honestly not happy with…

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15 Responses to Fluffle Puff Tales: “Just Another Day”

  1. Duke Grayfire says:

    -.- Nevermind.

  2. ChocoPrincessCarol says:


  3. Carly Lohman says:

    so the opposite of fluffle puff is magenta moon?

  4. 01ARTICA says:

    Awwww i love when Fluffle and Chrysalis roll together, and Discord’s huggle :3

  5. Mrmitternacht1987 says:

    Can’t …. Stop…. Watching

  6. Cierra Calais says:

    when chrysalis and them are rolling in the back

  7. ProjectXA3 says:

    For some reason I can see this Fluffle Puffle as barking like a pomeranian instead of speaking.

  8. olivia mascola says:


  9. P-Terrei W-Arrei says:

    0:44 : *Hnnnnnng!* *Falls To the Enter Button*

  10. happylittlerat says:


  11. samif1128 says:

    I would let her snuggle me FOREVER!

  12. Hokucho says:

    awww this is adorable!

  13. MiharuSenaKanaka says:

    When all are Fluffymorphs, Convergence begins and Fluffymorph Moon is born. Moon then continues towards other Markers, endless hunger until all is Fluffy.

  14. BornFlunky says:

    Does that come with a copy of Overhyped Lens Flare Dubstep Zombies 6?

  15. MiharuSenaKanaka says:

    Thanks for noticing.

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