FocusMX Debuts Performance-Based Search Engine Optimization for Enhanced Online Marketing

Doylestown, PA (PRWEB) August 22, 2012

Search engine optimization has been the most vital element of online marketing for many years, but innovations to the pricing structure of SEO have been few and far between. In an age where SEO has become a necessity to the success of a website, FocusMX has devised a new pricing model that will allow clients to pay according to the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

SEM campaigns were once quite similar; clients would pay to have their search engine prevalence optimized in the hopes that their website would rise through the ranks. However, these campaigns would require clients to pay, even if the campaign was unsuccessful.

Understanding the plight and risks faced by their SEO clients, FocusMX developed a new performance-based SEO pricing structure. With their revolutionary performance-based SEO services, FocusMX only charges their clients when their websites are in the top 30 results on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. The number 30 was chosen as the primary position because the average web-user rarely travels beyond the thirtieth result of any given search, making any position above thirty optimal for SEO purposes. Additionally, if a clients website decreases in the ranks, they are not required to make additional payments until their site succeeds its former position.

Based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, FocusMX is a renowned web design and development agency. They offer a variety of services from custom website design to their performance-based online marketing. They provide industry-leading marketing and web-design solutions for large corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations and individual entrepreneurs across the country. For more information regarding FocusMX and their revolutionary SEO service, contact them at 1-877-681-0973.

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