Food Network & Google Celebrate Thanksgiving

Food Network & Google Celebrate Thanksgiving

Marissa Mayer and Food Network’s Alton Brown celebrate Thanksgiving with new themes and gadgets for iGoogle. For the big meal, get your favorite Thanksgiving recipes at

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16 Responses to Food Network & Google Celebrate Thanksgiving

  1. Chenglor92 says:

    wheres the video where Alton is signing books? 

  2. VanMedia says:

    he’s funny

  3. mikemv3 says:

    The good thing about my flour covered recopies is they are ALWAYS available! The very expensive computer crap is not!

  4. jdthewasian says:

    I’ve seen the chicken and dumplings episode and they don’t do the colonel in it:(

  5. servantrose says:

    I love this! Alton in all his reality… I mean non-scripted, a lot of people (and FN people for sure) don’t know what they are talking about and could never do this, and do it humorously.

  6. TheJuggaler says:

    The crowd is kinda dull

  7. 666flatliner says:

    2 people are pinko commies…unicorn…not so popular 😉

  8. 666flatliner says:


  9. MandyWinters says:

    I think he lives in Atlanta. Around the Marietta area.

  10. ciciliciousnyc says:

    Hey #UN#, I love your channel! Keep up the good work! Let’s stay in touch and become friends! Feel free to Subscribe, Like, Comment, and make Favorite to my YouTube Vids too!! <3

  11. FamGuyFreak100 says:

    “Satan is evil. Satan likes stuffing. Stuffing is evil.”

  12. FamGuyFreak100 says:

    “Satan likes stuffing. Satan is evil. Stuffing is evil.”

  13. donpoppito says:

    This was in Roswell. Not sure where he lives exactly.

  14. utubeteam6 says:

    what part of GA does he live in. im just wondering

  15. kallgoren says:

    I love Alton :)

  16. NickandMarcel says:

    2 people eat unicorns. 

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