Football Players Gain Mass, Strength & Speed With St. Petersburg FL Personal Trainer

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) February 13, 2008

St. Petersburg’s Sports Strength Camp teaches young athletes how to safely train with weights, eat properly and prepare for their sports seasons. This 3 to 5 day per week program is designed specifically with high school football players in mind. Athletes gain mass, get significantly stronger and improve speed. The camp is operated by Elliott Hulse, a certified personal trainer and sports performance specialist. Elliott is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, the same certification held by our nation’s university and collegiate strength coaches.

Elliott says, “Athlete’s and their parents enjoy the benefit of knowing that besides enhancing the young players sports performance, they are also increasing their chances at an athletic scholarship.” Many high school football players follow training routines designed for body builders, our programs are focused on improving speed and sports performance. The St. Petersburg Sports Strength Camp offers a high intensity and focused environment where athletes of all sports can engage in safe and effective weight training routines under the keen eye of a professional. Even as a certified personal trainer, ex-D1 college football player, and amateur Strong Man Champion, Elliott feels that finding a sound strength and conditioning program that can be executed in a focused environment can be tough. Sports Strength Camp is just the right ticket for aspiring college and professional athletes. Most athletes will experience great improvements in strength, muscle mass and endurance, as well as a renewed sense of responsibly and personal achievement.

The St. Petersburg Sports Strength Camp instills a discipline that will carry over into other areas of life. Elliott adds, “This is so much better because we are positive coaches – not drill sergeants. There is no yelling or negative motivation, whatsoever, and the consistency that is developed over the off season makes an amazing difference in an athlete’s performance level.” The camp includes a variety of exercises: speed and agility, plyometrics, power lifting, strong man, flexibility training, and more. Elliott grins, “We will also bring exercises and other activities that most athletes have never seen before. It is very unique.” Elliott say other benefits are an average of .8 speed reduction in the 40 yard dash, 8-16 pounds of solid muscle gain, 1-3 inch increase in the vertical jump and a 100% increase in confidence.

The camp is geared to offer the benefits of having a personal trainer in an environment of camaraderie with other athletes who share similar goals. Each athlete will be trained at his own level and all levels of strength and fitness are welcome.

More information is available at or 727-501-6811.

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