For Google shuttle drivers, it's a grueling ride

For Google shuttle drivers, it's a grueling ride
For Brandon Barlow, life as a Google bus driver was one endless cycle of traffic and exhaust. He left home before dawn and arrived home late, after long hours spent shuttling Google employees back and forth on Highway 101. And Barlow wasn't paid for …
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What is the 'Google tax'?
Google makes a lot of money in the UK, but it collects nearly all of the profits in Ireland. It doesn't pay much tax in Ireland either, with most of the money shifted to Google Ireland Holdings, a Dublin-registered company located in Bermuda for tax …
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Google Execs Have Ideas on How to Run Your Business
Google is daring, creative, and by multiple accounts an enviable place to work—but is the way it's run a model for other companies to follow? After all, quintessentially Googley practices like giving people free time to pursue projects are easier to …
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