For websites, no News is not good news

For websites, no News is not good news
As a regular trawler of the net, let me give those of you who maintain websites some advice. If you're going to have a “Latest News” section on your … The top post however links to a pdf that was created in May 2010. • IFOAM. We're approaching the …
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LDS Church creating individual country news Websites
LDS Church News has reported that the church has put out new versions of Websites called “country sites,” enabling members of different countries to gain access to the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ in their own native tongue. BYU …
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Web sites lose to Google, AOL in race for Obama, Romney campaign ads
Don't expect any ads for President Obama across the top of, the online incarnation of liberal monthly magazine the American Prospect. However warmly editors there may feel about him, it is blocking ads from his campaign as part of a …
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