For Your Big Date Announces Grand Opening the One Stop Online Shop for Perfect Dating Essentials and Advice

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) December 22, 2012, a one stop online shop for single and married people to find everything they need to make their date perfect, announces a grand opening.

A new way to shop by date category Dressy Date, Sexy Date, Casual Date, Your Place Date, and Before Date became the e-commerce hit that everyone cant stop talking about.

Single or married, people get really frustrated when preparing for a date. Women and men dont know what to wear, how to prepare, what to serve, or where to go to make this date enjoyable and memorable. It does not matter if it is a first date, a date with a new person, or a date with a long-term partner. “What to wear on a first date? question is equally important as What to wear on any date?

Instead of enjoying themselves preparing for a date, people waste time and energy searching multiple stores and sites to help them decide what to wear on a date, what to do on a date or how to prepare for a date.

They then realize that something that looked so spectacular on mannequins looks sounattractive on them. Also, most people dont know exactly what they need to make their date perfect, so they feel overwhelmed and stressed out from trying to put together this dating knowledge and shopping puzzle.

When it comes to the date-night look, women primarily care about how to look younger, thinner, and sexier which translates into what do I wear?, what do I wear with that?, and as a result, I have nothing to wear. After the look subject is taken care of, the next thing women worry about is how to turn this dating into a relationship (if single), how to make him to marry me (if in a relationship), or how make him to love me forever (if married).

We believe that real beauty comes in different sizes, ages, nationalities, and sexual orientations. Each woman has features that must be highlighted in order for her to look good, and looking good will make her feel good. We are here to help, educate, and entertain. Our goal is to turn every woman into the queen of her date night, says Viktoria Kanevsky, the owner.

For Your Big Date was founded in order to help make each and every date flawless. It is also the ultimate resource for dating, love, relationship, happiness, beauty, styling, fashion, and fitness tips and advices. Customers dont have to read tons of self-help books and search hundreds of sites; For Your Big date does it for them.


For Your Big Date is a pioneer that provides a new shopping by different kind of dates experience:

Dressy Date – a nice restaurant dinner, party, wedding, function, or any other dressy event

Sexy Date has different meanings for different people but is usually a romantic date where a couple is alone and not in a public place.

Casual Date meeting someone in a non-dressy, casual environment

Your Place Date (or His Place)

Before Date how to prepare for a date and set up your mood

For Your Big Date is located in the heart of Hollywood and is supported by many friends from the entertainment, fashion, beauty, and internet industries as well as many other great, fun, and happy people who all have one thing in common they all believe that dating is an important aspect of single and married peoples personal lives that keeps them happy and helps them succeed in other important areas.

Founded and created by a former head of e-commerce of one of the well-known multimillion-dollar fashion retailers.

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