Forbidden Images (higher resolution)

Forbidden Images is not in the Public Domain and is registered with the US Copyright Office. The music used is a public domain midi file from, titled musicbox. I made this film for the 2007 edition of the 72 Hour Film Fest in Frederick, MD. These scenes come from a reel of 35mm nitrate that was discovered in the projection booth of an old movie theater in Pennsylvania. The projectionist spliced together this reel of banned, censored scenes to meet local moral standards or for late night, “personal” screenings. This is a true reel of Cinema Paradisio.

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  1. BekonowyPasztet says:

    between 0:50 and 0:59 is the Metropolis

  2. Vincze Miklós says:

    Between 2:44 and 2:46 is the movie “The Show” from 1927.

  3. Vincze Miklós says:

    Dear CineGraphic! There is a text between 2:43 and 2:47 – “…SS CSPOLÁS” (=FRISS CSAPOLÁS, it’s in Hungarian). Which movie is this part from? Thanks in advance!

  4. zandos27 says:

    that’s right all the beauty artistry smoldering sexuality and experimentation in films were destroyed by the pathetic hays code, post hays code all we were left with in films was this ridiculous fantasy world constructed by social conservatives and even now in 2012 the mainstreams film have not fully recovered, but I must admit there was a brief renaissance of creativity and progressiveness in mainstreams films from the late 1960s to about the late 1970s

  5. MrCarl220 says:

    OH, how dare he! LOL! Seriously, that’s quite a story, but not hard to believe for then.

  6. MrCarl220 says:

    A shame such art was censored!

  7. thebravelover says:

    i´m afraid…

  8. altobiotero says:

    Music and sound effects makes this vid phantasmagoric….

  9. SMNONA100 says:

    My father told the story of riding on a school bus in the 1920’s and was smacked by a girl who said to him, “You naughty boy! You looked at my ankles!” “We did not understand sooner because “God’ kept the sacrosanct from inquiry. The forbidden angel stood where we dare not look..”

  10. Bradford Arnold says:

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  11. wetone1962 says:

    The woman at 3:25 is actually a man there’s a bit extra in the pants.

  12. itsbrittany0423 says:

    0:49-0:59 absolutely terrifies me and i’m not sure why

  13. ScusateCapo says:

    This is now on youporn !!

  14. scapegoat321 says:

    GLOOM DOOM NEGATIVITY!! If you don’t like what you see then don’t watch it…

  15. underlinedbluetext says:

    “Ohh HOT!.. she’s voting!” 

  16. underlinedbluetext says:


  17. duncanedwards036 says:

    Movies today are not censored. You can put nearly anything you want in a movie but it may not get the preferred rating. These scenes were eliminated from viewing by anyone at any age anywhere. That is censorship.

  18. summertsun says:

    i was gonna say the 30’s…to mid 50’s…swim suits look like my mother’s that she used to wear in the 50’s

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