Ford F150 Platinum Supercrew Used Transmissions Sale Now Active at Gearbox Company

Miami, FL (PRWEB) May 24, 2014

Pickup truck sales in the U.S. are partially supported by the Ford Motor Company thanks in part to its F-Series trucks. The demand for replacement gearboxes has increased in recent years and the Got Transmissions company is now supplying used parts online. A new sale for Ford F150 Platinum Supercrew used transmissions in in effect at

Ford has made use of automatic and manual gearboxes in the F150 trucks for more than 20 years in the U.S. market. These contributions to technology has helped to maintain the sales lead of the F-Series. The active sale now in place affects all 5.0L engine compatible gearboxes that are now in stock.

“Sale prices are one way that we’ve forged ahead in the auto parts industry, and we will continue the practice of discounting our Ford inventory this year,” a rep at the Got Transmissions company said.

The used F150 Platinum transmissions for sale now supplied for a better price on the Internet will not affect the lengthened warranties usually attached with processed sales. Consumers who are concerned with losing the one-year warranty protection at the point of sale will continue to benefit from the locked in warranty.

“The used transmissions for sale in the Ford, Chevy and Dodge inventories found on our parts website have received near equal sale prices for consumers,” said the rep.

The Got Transmissions website is designed to provide information that is not accessible from some retail websites on the Internet. New changes this year include a sticker price quotation system on the homepage and active blog at


The company sells and distributes vehicle transmissions that are preowned and available for prices under retail on the Internet. The customer service this company supplies to consumers daily is delivered by phone and through a portal on the homepage. The company has agreements with different suppliers of auto and manual transmissions in the American market to help construct a larger source for vehicle parts purchasers to depend on for locating various inventory for late model and some vintage vehicles.

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