Foremost Media of Janesville helps translate business talk

Foremost Media of Janesville helps translate business talk
But viewed in another country through an automated translation service, the message became wildly distorted: The company does whale hunting. That recently happened to a client of Foremost Media in Janesville. Somehow, “seal” was interpreted to mean …
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Merde! Dummkopf! Google Translate used as spam cloak
All sorts of internet pond life, particularly purveyors of blue pills purporting to pump blokes' performance between the sheets, are relying on the reputation of Google's language translation service to smuggle web links through mail filters. Security …
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Why has Facebook Translate stopped working?
I use Facebook regularly with friends all over the world, I used to be able to right click on a comment text and left click on Translate, but it doesn't work any more. Instead I see a message that says 'the translation failed because of a server error …

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