Forex Signal Provider ITM Financial Introduces New Trading Algorithm To Handle New Choppy FX Market Trading Patterns

Boston, Massachusetts (PRWEB) June 28, 2013

Forex signal provider ITM Financial has introduced a new algorithmic trading formula to its already successful trading platform to handle the choppy currency market. The currency market has seen a long stretch of whipsaw action in currency pairs. Each major announcement by a government creates trading opportunities for FX traders. said Curt Dalton, CEO of The Internet Time Machine Project. The new normal of investing may be low returns on the stock market and low historical yields in the bond market, but for the forex trader it means choppy, whipsaw action on major currency pairs as governments move to devalue their currencies quickly.

The new forex signals algorithm tweak allows for traders in a choppy market to take advantage of macro movements or trends, yet allow for the choppy quick movements to not kill a profitable FX trade to quickly. One of the challenges during this extended draw down period is being able to absorb the 20 to 40 pips swings and stay in a longer term winning trade. added CTO, Ali Khan. Having wider boundaries on some of our trading paradigms and Monte Carlo simulations allows for our winning trade signals to remain intact while the underlying currencies may be moving in a herky-jerky type way. finished Khan.

Algorithmic trading and quantitative (quant) trading has become increasing popular in the past few years as companies look to keep positive trading returns in tack and lowers expenses. The most controversial versions of this type of trading are referred to as HFT, or high frequency trading. HFT is really an ultra quick scalping program that trades on microseconds. said Khan. We look at a longer term fundamental approach and then run our Internet marketing and trends software to look for keys or tells in the market that let us know which direction the currency or commodity is about to turn.

ITM Financial is a new forex signal startup out of Boston Massachusetts. The startup uses neural networks and Internet analytics to identify winning investment trades in the forex market, the binary options signals market, and the stock market. ITM Financials stock market program will be released in mid-July for all current members. The stock market picks generated by the ITM algorithmic tests will blend traditional analysis with a modern data, analytics, quant style service. We feel the blending of the old and new world in investing is a matte or when, not if. added Dalton. If we can create a better ROI for our members, then that is all that matters.

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