Fort Lauderdale Website Design Company, A Work Of Art, Inc., Gives Tips for Businesses To Seek Web Designers With Marketing, Branding & Business Development Experience.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) February 07, 2012

The decision of hiring of a website design company should take into consideration more than the fact they are capable of building a website. David Nagle of A Work Of Art, Inc. talks about why business owners are making a big mistake when they hire a website designer with no marketing or business development expertise.

“We interview our clients to fully understand their business and the customer base they are speaking to so we can apply our branding and marketing experience when designing their website. If you cannot relate to the person you are trying to influence and you don’t understand your client’s business, you are doing a disservice and their website will be ineffective. Many website owners wonder why they get many hits but few page views and even less response. As an experienced website design company and marketing firm with 25 years in business, we have the ability not only to design, market and promote your website but to incorporate effective marketing techniques within your website.” says David Nagle, President of A Work Of Art, Inc., a Fort Lauderdale website design company.

David says, “A website is much more than just an appealing place to visit with information. “A company website is a marketing and promotion tool, a lead generator and it IS your public brand. It’s also a powerful way to persuade visitors to choose your company among the thousands of competitors vying for their business. Business owners need to hire a web design company with the ability to brand, market and develop their business and that should weigh heavily on their hiring process.”

A Work Of Art, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida found that business owners often choose a web design company with little knowledge of marketing, branding and advertising expertise. They have the expertise to provide everything a business needs in one place – a custom designed website, search engine marketing, expert manual SEO, social media marketing, back linking, PPC campaigns, and inbound / outbound marketing among many other marketing, advertising and promotional strategies.

He feels that the first factor to consider is the creative ability of the designer. “Templates and web based Content Management Systems are easy to acquire and use. Low cost website designers and technical people with little design talent or marketing knowledge use the most basic and inexpensive ways to build a customer’s website. Even large companies manufacture these in high volume like a huge sausage factory.” David says, “In this scenario you will end up with web pages that look like every other website online. A simple format, square pictures dropped onto the page with little creativity.” A Work Of Art designs every website from scratch in high end design applications before they are coded in advanced website design software. This allows their clients virtually unlimited freedom to express their ideas, themes, and branding throughout the website. It also sets a business’s website apart from anything else their visitors will see on their competitors site. The result is a unique looking website is memorable with unlimited visual and technical capabilities and more effective branding and marketing throughout the website.

David thinks it is imperative to ask how long your web design and marketing firm has been in business. “A few months? A couple years? This is a major problem in the web design industry. It is too easy to go purchase inexpensive beginner’s website software or use a simple CMS Web based application and spend a month learning the software and turn around and hold themselves out as a web designer. This represents a majority of the web designers out there believe it or not. I talk to companies everyday that are shocked when I tell them what they actually paid for.”

A Work Of Art suggests that when you call a web design company answer these simple question while on the phone with them.

Do they actually answer the phone?
Do you get a knowledgeable person right away who can answer ALL of your questions?
Will they give you good advice and suggest solutions to your needs?
Will they answer all your questions in a friendly and patient manner?
Does the company have extensive experience in branding a company’s products?
Are they experienced in business development?
Does the website design company have extensive knowledge in marketing?
Will they provide a detailed plan for SEO and Social Media Marketing?

If you answer is no to ANY of these questions it may be time to move on to a company that you are confident that can provide these services now or in the future, as you will most likely need most of them at one point or another.

“It is advisable to make sure you hire a website design company with expertise in building a business, Branding, Marketing, Social Media, and Advertising. When you incorporate all of this into the development of your website, your online business and the marketing of it, you will reap the tremendous benefits and rewards you expect.

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