Foundations in PR Programme – Dubai

Foundations in PR Programme – Dubai
Event on 2013-06-30 09:30:00
A multi-skill course at introductory levelA five-day core skills Multi-Skill Programme covering online PR, strategy, media relations, events and press releases

This course is a one-week induction to best practice across the core disciplines of the public relations and communication profession. You will learn the fundamental concepts, strategies and practical applications of media relations, event management, press release writing and online communications.Course format

Foundations in PR is a Pinnacle Multi-Skill Programme. This training format covers a range of different PR and communication skills. It is designed to develop fully rounded communications professionals. A major highlight is the opportunity to build media interview skills in videotaped role-play exercises with individual coaching. This course is modular: on each day you will work through four modules, each covering a set of key concepts and skills. Within each module, best practice and key concepts are covered off in a concise briefing, followed by a range of stimulating learning activities like team workshops, group discussions, topical case studies and role-play exercises.Course days:

  • Day 1: Crash course in online PR and marketing
  • Day 2: Introduction to the PR profession
  • Day 3: Essential media relations
  • Day 4: Essential event management
  • Day 5: Press release writing

Learning outcomes

After this course you will be able to:

  • Create an online communication strategy for your organisation
  • Design systems and processes to guide and enable your organisation to engage in online social media
  • Understand how the structure and landscape of the PR profession
  • Explain and articulate all of the specialised disciplines of PR
  • Understand how the media are organised, and how journalists think and work.
  • Develop an instinct for the kind of ideas that will generate news effectively.
  • Know how and when to approach journalists with news, and feel confident engaging with them.
  • Create a strong concept, strategy format, scale, venue and identity for a PR event
  • Understand how journalists use press releases, what they want and need from them
  • Plan a press release that will grasp journalists’ attention from the start
  • Write and distribute press releases that make an impact online as well as with the news media

Who should attend

Core-level courses are pitched at a level to help you analyse core concepts and execute universal skills.Qualification credit

This is an Advanced Professional Certificate course, independently accredited by Edexcel. For details, download the course brochure.Feedback

“Very easy to understand, very relevant content.” –          Mariana Ware Treehouse “It was open and welcoming and I felt free to express all thoughts.” –          NC, Green Party “It gave me inspirations for my daily work, and the written material is very useful.” –          Annette Kamper, TV 2 / Denmark “Practical and focused, excellent training and insight to how to get the best out of PR.” –          Priya Assanand,    Hachette “It was specific to our organisation, flexible to what we wanted to talk about.” –          A Bradbury, Richmond Housing Partnership “The case studies and discussions really bring the theory to life.” –          Melissa Gimenez Cassina   Discovery Network Europe

at Dubai International Jazz Festival
Dubai Media City
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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