Four Tactics to Improve Local Search Marketing Campaigns

Kennebunk, Maine (PRWEB) July 06, 2013

There are a number of tactics local businesses will need to make use of in order to be successful with their local search marketing efforts. My Local leads, a Maine marketing firm that specializes in local search and search engine optimization, has provided four techniques that need to be used in any local search marketing efforts.

Reports have shown that more than half of websites for small and local companies fail to place their location and contact information in a conspicuous place on their website. It may be tucked down, below the fold, so a user must scroll down to see it. Another common idea is to place the contact and location information in smaller text in the footer of the site. Instead, it is best to have the phone number and location, if it is a brick and mortar location, right at the top of the site. Many mobile users are just looking for someone to contact when searching online for a plumber, bakery, or other local business. Having that information right at the top where it is easily noticeable will increase the leads generated by the site.

Beyond making contact information on a website highly noticeable, local businesses want to be sure to optimize other portions of their website for local searches and indexing. Things that the local company can and should do include modifying keyword optimization to include locations, providing directions to the location on site, properly tagging images and videos with location information, and be sure that off-site efforts including article marketing, social media marketing profiles, shared white papers and presentation, and other media include tags for the location. Also, provide the hours of operation on the site. When it comes to phone numbers, provide a local phone number and not an 800 or other toll free number.

Another great tactic for local search marketing success is to create location specific landing pages. This will help in keying portions of your site to get high rankings on the search engine results pages, SERPs. While landing pages have taken a hit recently due to their general, overall low quality, if done properly, they can still be quite useful. A specialized marketing firm like My Local Leads can help walk you through the process of getting better results rather than worse based off the companys use of location based landing pages.

Another important techniques for local marketing efforts is to invest in location based keywords and key phrases through pay per click, or PPC, advertising. This can be beneficial in keeping the overall cost down. It also helps to remind the search engine of the businesss local focus, which ties into the overall search engine rankings when someone in the same geographic location is searching for services or goods supplied by the business.

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