Fox Web Creations Announces New Website for Q & A Research

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) June 20, 2013

Today the Kansas City-based web design team Fox Web Creations announces the launch of its newest website, created for the quantitative research and analysis company Q & A Research. The site, which is fully operational, can be found at

Focusing on the specific needs of customers who are in search of a research and analysis company, is cleverly designed to make it easy to research the history, methodology, and reliability of the company quickly and painlessly. Potential customers can find research methods and specialties; testimonials from former clients; and information on the companys consulting expertise, along with a number of other points of information regarding the business, from within just a few clicks of the home page. is laid out to be both functional and eye-catching, with an emphasis on ease of use for the consumer. The heart of the website lies in four brightly-colored boxes with links to the information most sought after when customers are looking for potential research and analysis services. These boxes persist throughout the entire website with the inner links remaining uniform, serving both as an anchor to customers and as a way to direct them to the parts of the site that the company most wants them to visit.

In addition, a group of tabs leading to a number of other relevant pages crosses the top of each screen on the website, and pull-down menus can be accessed by hovering over these tabs. This layout gives site visitors the ability to navigate to very specific pages and to the information most important to them without having to search through impertinent material. The site is innovative in its ability to be visually appealing while not just allowing for but actually seeking out the enhancement of overall usability and functionality.

About Q & A Research:

Q & A Research is a quantitative research and analysis company based in San Francisco, California. The company specializes in market research for a wide variety of industries and has performed research tasks for a number of multinational organizations. The company also has subsidiaries with special concentrations on focus groups and on marketing research targeted specifically toward the growing Hispanic population, respectively. More information about the company can be found under the About tab on the website mentioned above.

About Fox Web Creations

Fox Web Creations has been designing websites for a wide variety of clients since it opened its doors in 2004. It currently offers a range of web-related of services, including site development, marketing, and search engine optimization. Parties interested in speaking with the organization regarding these and a number of other services can call 816-479-5904 for a free consultation or visit their website at

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