Free Electronic Cigarette Trial: Smoking Claims 440,000 Lives In US Annually, Doctors Suggest Use Of E Cig As Beneficial For Health

(PRWEB) November 23, 2012

Sive Ancheta, a 43 year old e cigarette user says, I wasn’t a heavy smoker, but my significant other brought home a disposable electronic cigarette and I gave that a try. I decided right then and there that I was going to use the e cigarettes from now on because the flavor was a lot better than a cigarette, and the vapor is definitely not as heavy as cigarette smoke. I actually got my sense of taste back to 100%. She claims she is far healthier and better off now thanks to smokeless cigarettes.

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According to a new survey, smoking is also considered the cause of death of over 440,000 people in USA and over 100,000 in UK.

Smoking is responsible for many diseases including lung and many other forms of cancer. Most of the diseases associated with smoking are long-term chronic, and heart diseases. Despite of so many diseases associated with tobacco cigarettes, people are still struggling to quit smoking. A recent survey reveals that over 700, 000 people in US alone are using electric cigarettes in order to quit smoking. The ecigarettes are safer alternatives that many smokers who are heavily addicted and cannot quit smoking switch to. In US, almost 20% of death out of the 2.4 million deaths annually results from smoking.

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