Free Enterprise trailer

Free Enterprise trailer

Trailer for Free Enterprise movie, starring William Shatner.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to Free Enterprise trailer

  1. schweigerlover01 says:

    Doesn’t Eric Mccormick look like  Baltar from BSG?

  2. MissMrAnnie says:

    I just remembered that this exists. Must watch.

  3. cooljoeny69 says:

    awesome film and a great plot.shatner is awesome in this movie !

  4. WLDB says:

    I havent seen this in years. Now I want to see it again.

  5. Exverlobter says:

    Better than Fanboys

  6. hossola77 says:

    “If you play Brutus, won’t you have to stab yourself in the back?” Bill: “Well, I’ve done it before…” LOL

  7. snarkus63 says:

    The only movie I know where sci-fi fans aren’t buffoonish impotent misfits.

  8. MrSpockify says:

    “I’m a Canadian.” xD

  9. silentbob8201 says:

    Too bad the funding for the sequel fell thru according to Shatner.

  10. Jess5x5 says:

    JP your so smart!

  11. Jacob Probasco says:

    “your”, not you’re. “You’re means ‘you are'”. Your is indicating someone’s possession.

  12. bigheaded1 says:

    i hope that’s not true. i heard years back when this was released that they were planning a sequel and had a script but the actors weren’t available to reprise. this movie is still to this day one of my faves.

  13. amiserable says:

    Theres a SICK rumor being posted around the tubes by a deranged trek fan who is mindbogglingly handsome, that there is a sequel in the works for this : “The revenge of Shatner”. Apparently they are getting Christopher Walken to do the Shatner part tho. weak man.

  14. nagmashdriver says:

    True, but it makes for one of the funniest lines in the movie!

  15. Beka Shakur says:

    Free The Rated R

  16. stompyhollo says:

    nope he’s still a Canadian citizen

  17. bamapagedesign says:

    This movie is hilarious.

  18. badcat1226 says:

    Nope, you were right it was super funny.

  19. jetershomie says:

    this movie does not suk. and you’re dads the man.

  20. badcat1226 says:

    My Dad wants me to watch this movie. It looks like it might suck.

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