Free Introduction Training – Building a Joomla Website

Free Introduction Training – Building a Joomla Website
Event on 2014-03-18 18:00:00
'Interesting and informative'
'Very interesting'
'Easy to understand' 

In this session you will learn all you need about the building of a professional standard website including how much is the proper cost to pay for everything, the minimum standard of professional service, the source of thousands of free extensions and free templates, which textbooks to get hold of, SEO formatting and marketing, how to create an article, to categorise your content, to upload media assets, to utilise media tools, to create a menu module and menu items, and to upload extensions and templates.

You are welcome to attend more than once and to invite others that need to build a website. We are able to answer all of your questions and welcome all social, commercial and political entrepreneurs. There is no technical knowledge required any more sophisticated than how to use a browser such as Chrome of Firefox and an operating system such as Windows or OSX.

The session is run by Jed Keenan who has been building Joomla websites for three years. He has worked in the television industry for over 15 years and in public policy, community development and social activism for about 5 years. He has worked for Diane Abbott MP as her political researcher, directed and vision-mixed and countless hours of live television production, worked on DVD/Blu-ray releases for New Line, HBO, Warner Bros, the UFC, the WWE, and the BFI. He has worked in Transmission for Discovery Channel, APTN, and on the Champions League for Viasat.

Contact Jed Keenan by email or by text on 07950963069 

Joomla is a free open source content management system and is down is very straightforward to learn and to utilise. We have been running this weekly session since January 2013 and have so far trained 320 people. Our ten most recently completed feedback forms are at the top and here:

 'Informative and enjoyable. Relaxed, informal atmosphere.'
'Very good introduction to the possibilities of website design'
'Great and insightful'
'Great. Really interesting content well presented.'
'Excellent – learned a great deal as a complete novice and really enjoyed it!'

at Room 457, Birkbeck College
University of London
City of London, United Kingdom

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