FREE Picasa 3 Photo Editor

In this video I will show you a little intro into the new Picasa 3 from Google.

23 thoughts on “FREE Picasa 3 Photo Editor

  1. tengo un problema esque yo edito mis fotos con una programa que es una carita feliz ese es el icono y no recurdo como se llama el programa ya ke esty en otro ordenador ayuda

  2. What would better serve you is to do a Google serach on this. I use to have a addon for my blog that blocked right clicking on my pictures so that no one could save them to their computer.

  3. Thank-you. My question, for my blog, how do I add an identification name, for example blog title to each picture that I might post, to protect from others copying the photo?

  4. I still think that Picnik is way better. It’s free and online and you can upload your pictures from Facebook, photobucket, MySpace, and loads more. Although if you want ALL of the effects you have to pay but you still get loads of things to do with the free one. And LOL!! A toilet? :L

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