FREE Picasa 3 Photo Editor

In this video I will show you a little intro into the new Picasa 3 from Google.

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23 Responses to FREE Picasa 3 Photo Editor

  1. les vanderhoof says:

    please more picasa for us newbies! thanks

  2. jersito Pchavarria says:

    tengo un problema esque yo edito mis fotos con una programa que es una carita feliz ese es el icono y no recurdo como se llama el programa ya ke esty en otro ordenador ayuda

  3. giulmix says:

    Hola me gustaria saber como subir un video desde picasa (creador de peliculas) a youtube.

  4. arshutosh says:

    when you download picasa 3 and you selected a picture in the left you can find it saying edit in picnik

  5. delicq3 says:

    Thanks alot.. i’ve Online Photo Editor and they worked great with me..check it out :) w w w (dot)photospho(dot)freenice(do­t) org

  6. MissKamarya says:

    if you need photo she are doing amazing photos!

  7. 42technoman says:

    What would better serve you is to do a Google serach on this. I use to have a addon for my blog that blocked right clicking on my pictures so that no one could save them to their computer.


    Thank-you. My question, for my blog, how do I add an identification name, for example blog title to each picture that I might post, to protect from others copying the photo?

  9. juicesmakemehigh says:

    I still think that Picnik is way better. It’s free and online and you can upload your pictures from Facebook, photobucket, MySpace, and loads more. Although if you want ALL of the effects you have to pay but you still get loads of things to do with the free one. And LOL!! A toilet? :L

  10. soap1st says:

    thanks your the best

  11. ripluke10 says:

    does this have viruses lol jw

  12. melwang123 says:

    ahehehehehhen nag pasikat naa me anah woip!

  13. ShalalaEricka says:

    the song sounds like it would be on the sims

  14. puhdussyrampage2010 says:

    but what i don’t get is do you have to upload the pictures to the web?

  15. serdarguy12 says:

    When i try to install it says i cant install or uptade it!

  16. iHaveAdream1111 says:

    lmao,you had a picture of a toilet! HAHAHAHAHA. xD

  17. fakkaman013 says:

    How i can make lighting efects? and more things like that?

  18. Mariakex says:

    hello, i just wonder, if i can make a header on my blog on picasa. And if i can, can you show it in a video? cuz i dont know how to do it…

  19. angelogamefavorite74 says:

    i love picasa

  20. Saperwill says:

    is that pokerstars ..please tell me its important :)

  21. happysmartg says:

    hey wee those pictures in vermont?

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