Free Pixel Ad-Space–A Creative Way to Promote Websites at No Cost

Garland, TX (PRWEB) August 20, 2006

Tired of traditional Internet advertising to advertise websites? Then here is a creative advertising idea for everyone’s Internet marketing needs. A free pixel ad-board web page for people to increase their page rank.

A lot of people ask “What is a Pixel Ad Page?”.

Basically a pixel ad page is much like a billboard advertisement in cyberspace. A person selects a region for which they wish to put their advertisement, then they input their URL along with a brief description of the website that they want promoted. Finally they upload a picture that is somehow related to the website that is being promote. When a surfer visits the pixel ad page, it really catches their eyes. And since people are curious by nature, they will hover their mouse over a particular picture and a brief description. If the description that pops up while hovering over an eye catching graphic catches the visitor’s interest, they will click on the picture and be taken to the appropriate website.

Check it out by going to the following link.



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