Free Scientific Literature Ranking Service Predicts Future Impact of Recent Publications

(PRWEB) August 3, 2005

Privately held media company, Ion Channel Media Group Ltd. has released a free literature ranking service for field-specific biomedical literature. The literature ranking takes into account the prior citation history of the principal investigator and the citation history of the journal in which the research is published.

This scheme allows researchers to quickly identify articles of interest and also to rank leading laboratories in their specific field of interest. The literature ranking complements Ion Channel Media Group’s career, news and structural databases. The biotechnology fields which are currently being targeted include ion channels (, knockout and transgenic mouse research (, high throughput screening (, atrial fibrillation (, AIDS and HIV research (, protein kinases ( and apoptosis (

“Citation analysis used to be only the domain of Thomson Scientific Corp. (ISI), but with increased computing power and optical character recognition technology, citation analysis is becoming available to all researchers. Open-source journal publishing will further increase the access to information since the digital format makes citation analysis even faster and easier. Citation analysis was an important part of Google’s rise to fame and the structure of references in biomedical literature inspired them to create their pagerank algorithm.

Citation numbers remain the best metric of interest in an article, be it on the web or in the scientific literature. The users of our websites find it very useful to have quick access to recent news and literature published in prominent scientific journals from high impact laboratories,” said CEO of Ion Channel Media Group, Christian Hesketh.

Google launched Google Scholar in late 2004, a free service which ranks scientific literature based upon citation frequency. There are also many fee-based services which provide citation analysis. What makes Ion Channel Media Group’s offering different is that it uses an algorithm to predict the impact an article is expected to have in the future based on the citation history of the author and the journal. This forward-approach allows evaluation of scientific research immediately upon its release, permitting instant identification of important scholarly works.

Ion Channel Media Group is working on many more subject areas, but is limiting itself to biomedical literature for now.

About Ion Channel Media Group Ltd.

Ion Channel Media Group Ltd. is a privately-held media corporation based in Montreal, Quebec. The goal of the media group is to provide highly-targeted traffic to advertisers who wish to target a specific biotechnology field through targeted email or banner advertising campaigns. The other goal of the group is to provide free access to authoritative niche websites in order to build a highly targeted traffic-base.

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