FREE SHOW – Sub.Mission Presents Electronic Tuesday ft. B. Durazzo, Subliminal, White Robot, Urban, Aphonix, DJ Jadestone, DJ Blac, Savage! & Cord

FREE SHOW – Sub.Mission Presents Electronic Tuesday ft. B. Durazzo, Subliminal, White Robot, Urban, Aphonix, DJ Jadestone, DJ Blac, Savage! & Cord
Event on 2013-04-30 21:00:00

B. Durrazo

I make beats. I drive a van around the USA and play shows.


Andrew Carr aka Subliminal was born in raised in the dirty south, Memphis, TN. Influenced early on by the gritty beats and lyrics of early/mid 90's Memphis rap artists such as Triple Six Mafia, his search for deep bass and hard beats has taken him on a journey that eventually led him to Denver, CO. After discovering drum and bass as a senior in high school in Memphis 1999, he immediately gravitated towards DJing and finding the most underground, cutting edge bass music. Looking for green pastures in the d&b world, he moved to Atlanta in 2003 and became integrated into the scene, starting the night Resolution and record label Forestry Service Recordings. As the years went on, Subliminal's passion for drum and bass waned, as he felt the majority of the sound had hit a wall and the original vibe from the music he loved was fading from the sound. Serendipitously, in 2005 he heard his first dubstep tune, Toasty's "Like Sun", and was instantly hooked on the sound. Dj sets from Youngsta & N-Type from UK's Rinse FM radio shows cemented his new love, and supplied him with endless listening and inspiration. Early 2006, he brought the first Dubstep show to Atlanta featuring Dubstep's US ambassador Joe Nice. It was not received well. People were not ready for Dubstep in Atlanta yet, as it would take a couple more years for people to start catching on to the new sound. After moving to Denver in 2007, Andrew hit the internet to search out fellow Dubsteppers and coincidentally became part of the early days of Sub.mission. A huge fan of the mix, Subliminal's biggest dj inspiration has always been Andy C, the godfather of drum and bass. Not satisfied with just playing records one after the other, Subliminal brings it with something new every set, constantly determined to combine two records into one.

White Robot

Rob Brandon aka, "White Robot," is a drummer / producer / DJ, currently residing in Denver, Colorado. In the past year, he has released two EP's and an LP with plenty more to come! He has also performed with electronic heavy weights such as Dbridge, Tunnidge, and Kush Arora. His sound is often described as extremely rhythmic, topped with huge sweeps and deep bass lines, White Robot is a must see. He breaks the mold of what is known as traditional dubstep by incorporating raw, rhythmic, and powerful drum beats into his unique compositions. Furthermore, White Robotincorporates live drumming into his sets to add yet another element to his high energy performances. You can hear his perception of music and love for drums shine through in these compositions, and as his tracks multiply, you can tell there are no genre boundaries for White Robot.

DJ Jadestone

Making music that others can appreciate, staying true and unique.

at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
2637 Welton Street
Denver, United States

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