Free Solar Panel Installers Enable Significant Electricity Bill Savings, Reveal SEO Service Group

Tujunga, CA (PRWEB) July 10, 2012

Having a solar panel installed can mean that a family or business can save a good portion of money each and every month by tapping into this source of renewable energy. Many solar panel installers are now offering free installation to encourage customers to make the switch. According to this approach by the solar installers means that more people are willing to give solar energy a try, where as they would previously have been put off by the high upfront costs.

In recent years the solar panel companies would request huge sums of money upfront just for the installation. This put a lot of people off. But now these same companies are now offering to install solar panels themselves free of charge in exchange for a monthly rental agreement for the equipment. This monthly cost is then likely to be much less than the cost of the old electricity bill, said a website spokesperson. has also highlighted another key benefit of solar panels being that customers have the ability to make money back from any unused power.

During bouts of sunny weather you will most probably generate more power than you need. In these circumstances you can simply resell this power back to the electricity company and make even more savings. It is a win-win situation for all involved, said the spokesperson.

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