Free Solar Site Evaluations in August for San Diego Residents

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) July 31, 2012

San Diego based solar contractor, Ryan Oltean, offers free site evaluation as well as free educational solar power seminars for those in San Diego and vicinities. You need to register on their website in order to be eligible for the free in home evaluation.

Solar energy systems are using the endless, inexhaustible energy provided by the sun, tapping its power with solar panels. The energy provided by the sun is clean and free; using solar power reduces the dependency on the utility company, saves money and helps the planet. Solar power usage is an energy saving revolution.

Residents and homeowners are being offered options that will help them turn their properties into solar efficient homes. The San Diego County has floated options to finance energy efficiency measures so that homeowners can turn to solar power without incurring heavy expenses that can deter them from taking the decision to go green. explains Ryan Oltean.

San Diego County moves with fast steps towards harnessing the energy of the sun. People are encouraged to adopt this technology, due to some of the obvious advantages of solar power such as inexhaustible fuel source, lack of pollution and accessibility to all. Solar power also provides a quick return on investment to the clients and it is affordable.

The technology for solar energy has advanced to a stage where it has become simple to operate and manage and no longer has the bulky equipment that hindered its adaptation some years ago. Moreover, the government is taking a keen interest in promoting it as it promises reversal of global warming in the future. says Ryan Oltean.

About San Diego Solars

San Diego Solars is a premier solar panel provider, offering quality installation at affordable price. The companys services include hot water solars, solar heating and cooling, solar lighting systems, pool heating, photovoltaic systems, solar water fountains and solar home systems.

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