Free to Play Unlimited Ep. 10: Blade and Soul, Akaneiro, Guns and Robots, Dino Storm & Hounds

Free To Play Unlimited with Oxana is a webshow about F2P games brought to you by Our team will bring you exciting news, quizzes, the most anticipated games and more. Subscribe to our channel so that you never miss an episode! Visit to discover the best free to play games and coverage and don’t forget to register! In this episode we jump with joy to the announcement of the North American and European release of Blade & Soul, get to know American McGee’s new game, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters and see some robots shoot themselves in Guns and Robots, an upcoming online third-person shooter. Lolman goes dinossaurs and lasers in Dino Storm and our most wanted game of the week is Hounds, an MMOTPS game with elements of role-playing. If you know the answer to this episode’s quiz then leave it in the comments below, along with your suggestions. Games featured on this episode: News: Blade and Soul Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Guns and Robots Lolman’s Minute of Rage: Dino Storm Quiz: ? Most Wanted: Hounds Follow Us: Facebook: Twitter:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to Free to Play Unlimited Ep. 10: Blade and Soul, Akaneiro, Guns and Robots, Dino Storm & Hounds

  1. Cody Griffy says:

    fallen earth

  2. FreeMMOStation says:

    It’s not yet available in the US and Europe.

  3. barak pinhas says:

    i cant download blade & soul :(

  4. barak pinhas says:

    i love to watch this its update me all the time

  5. FreeMMOStation says:

    To each his own. And it’s not a competition, you know :)

  6. mikekopp96TR says:

    The girl from mmobomb looks much hotter *-*

  7. FreeMMOStation says:

    As long as the game is well balanced, it should be F2P from day one, not adjusted later like Aion or the upcoming SWTOR :)

  8. suiginto Rozen says:

    if it go F2P, the players who can’t buy it, can’t play it, and, with Ncsoft, if it’s not F2P, we will pay an amount every month to play. and it’s a little annoying. so me, I want blade and soul in F2P because I paid far too long, only to aion. and I don’t want to paid more just for play a game that I really wish to have. but this is not a bad response to your comment, it is only to tell you that for some, it is better F2P (I am so sorry for my bad english…)

  9. LuisitoMusic says:

    The host, Oxana looks very cute with her tied up like that.

  10. MiPokki says:

    BnS, P2P or B2P, please don’t go F2P -_-‘

  11. AlleriyaSC says:

    Wasnt meant only at you, more general as its coming up in various forums as well. The post was kinda written to harsh, I know that they said they are thinking about the payment model, but it is still it is highly unlikely that it will be F2P (at least from my PoV) but I guess, its still a good choice to talk about in a Free to Play Video, you can never know ^^. I guess in the end its just me hating on F2P, haha 😛

  12. FreeMMOStation says:

    If you mean us, you can clearly hear in the video that NCsoft is still considering what business model to choose. Being P2P in Korea doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same in the West. So it means that there’s a chance it can be F2P, but we never said IT IS F2P.

  13. AlleriyaSC says:

    Could you guys please stop spreading nonsense over B&S being F2P? NcSoft said their are currently thinking about their payment model for the western market. Taking into account that B&S is doing great in Korea with its P2P model it is very likely we will have P2P as well. The only thing that might be considered is B2P

  14. hard2get81 says:

    Me Tor. Lol

  15. Drakaniel says:

    I landed here because of boobs

  16. Junk Mail says:

    Attractive woman? Video Games? Subscribed!

  17. FreeMMOStation says:

    I predict a wonderful future where games will launch globally, where everyone is free to play them without region locks or something. Don’t know when it will be completely true, though 😐

  18. Mozart Cromarty says:

    What about SEA server?? Whats wrong with SouthEast-Asia…Why is it Always like this..Why cant we play this awesome games…Why? WHY?? answer me!!!

  19. FreeMMOStation says:

    Europe and NA :)

  20. Mozart Cromarty says:

    will it be global or NA only??

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