free translator

free translator

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Get your free translator here

* Free!
* Super-easy to use.
* Totally Automatic 2-way translation
* Works in no-script zones !
* 16 different avatars can hear any custom translation of 42 languages including Simplified & Traditional characters for Mandarin at the same time and in their own language
* In-world Help Notes in all 42 Languages
* ** Web site is automatically translated to 42 languages.
* ** Information messages in 42 languages
* Spam-free – won’t translate messages that are already in the target language
* Won’t translate messages when translation is identical to original
* Arabic and Hebrew L-R rendering
* Supports /1 and /2 commands for Instant messages
* Auto-detect and auto-translation, as well as viewer detect mode
* Private, no-spam Instant Messaging
* 17-way Parallel operation. One In and 16 Out
* Super fast and mono-compiled.
* Built-in Avatar, distance, and language scanner.
* 16 different avatars can hear any of 42 translations at the same time, all in parallel
* Plain English Language Display- no ISO Codes
* Displays 150+ languages
* Information messages in 42 languages
* Supports all Unicode fonts, including accent characters
* Translate Objects or Avatars
* Attach to any HUD position with Auto-adjust
* Super Tiny HUD

Posted by Second Life Resident Ferd Frederix. Visit Phaze Demesnes.

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