Freestyle Fashion Conference

Freestyle Fashion Conference
Event on 2014-03-29 09:00:00

* This conference is open to professionals and business owners within Fashion, Retail, or Related Technologies and Services.  You will be asked for details confirming your professional experience upon registering. For Conference Updates, visit our event website and register to our mailing list!View images from the last #FFCNYC are HERE.



Gain the education most valuable to you, and your business + make connections that actually matter.

The Open Source Fashion Conference will offer attendees a unique learning experience, while providing an environment that lends towards building meaningful connections.  The conference will offer a series of focused sessions relating to the business of Fashion and Retail. 

This is not your standard styled conference.  Guests will have the opportunity to pick sessions that align best with their interests and business goals.  All class sessions can accommodate 60-80 participants and will have 15 minutes allocated to networking with your fellow classmates, and speakers!  Common areas will provide for targeted networking, and discovery.  Education & Collaboration…served chill!

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10:15 AM – 11:00 AM: CLASS SESSIONS

11:30 AM – 12:15 PM: CLASS SESSIONS

12:45 PM – 1:30 PM: CLASS SESSIONS

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM: LUNCH & DISCOVERY 


  4:30 PM – 6:00 PM: RECEPTION w/ DJ, Food, and Drinks!
 *Note: Each 45-minute slot has three classes taking place simultaneously. As an attendee, you can attend any of the sessions.
  Pia Silva – Partner, Worstofall Design

Entrepreneur and efficiency expert, Pia brings her obsessiveness for being on time and on top of everything to each project. She will fall in love with your business almost as much as she is in love with her own, and take painstaking care to make sure the process is smooth and fun every step of the way.

Pia holds a BA in Economics from Wesleyan University and was a StartingBloc fellow for social entrepreneurship. She previously ran a non-profit organization that supported micro-finance initiatives for women’s cooperatives in Nepal, and has done business development for a number of start ups, including running the Sales and Marketing department for until it was sold in 2009.  Rohan Deuskar – CEO & Co-Founder, Stylistics

For consumers, they are the leading digital closet platform for web & mobile. For brands and retailers, they are a source of real-time trend data on what customers are buying and wearing right now. We're based in New York City.

    Melissa Gonzalez – CEO & Founder, Lion’esque Group

The Lionesque Group (aka Lion'esque Media) has produced over 60 pop-up retail experiences in New York City, Los Angeles and the Hamptons.

Beginning with the vision of the branded experience, the Lionesque Group guides clients throughout the entire lifecycle of the "pop-up experience." The advisory continues with project management from pre-planning to store opening, and concludes with the merging of Lionesque Group's knowledge of social media strategy with the company's deep Rolodex of partners and sponsors. 

  Samantha Lim – Features & Branded Content Director, Style Caster

Samantha Lim is the Features & Branded Content Director at StyleCaster Media Group where she oversees the creative features and branded production departments for their websites StyleCaster, Beauty High, Daily Makeover, and The Vivant.  She has a strong background in digital editorial content and social media, and has contributed to and consulted for over two dozen clients, ranging from CondeNast and Hearst properties to start up websites and online magazines. 

   Liza Kindred – Founder & CEO, Third Wave Fashion

They provide insights and education to brands, investors and startups about the exploding world of fashion tech. The company publishes the only monthly Fashion Tech Report in the world, and has a database of 750+ fashion tech startups. Liza is writing a book about the future of commerce (The Third Wave of Commerce: How We Buy Now, O'Reilly, 2014), and speaks frequently about the future of fashion and the future of commerce. She also serves as cofounder of Lacquerous, a nail polish rental startup, and as advisor to a number of fashion tech startups.                    Angela Gilltrap – Global Content Editor,  Lot 17 MediaAuthor of four books, two television series’, several documentaries and countless articles for publications internationally. An award-winning content strategist who has been instrumental in the online, social media, print and publishing growth of numerous corporations and continues to lecture at various institutions on the value of cohesive content strategies across multi-media platforms.

   Nicole Giordano – Founder, Startup Fashion

StartUp FASHION, a resource and community that helps the independent fashion industry succeed in business. Nicole works closely with a select group of fashion, textile, and lifestyle brands to develop their digital content strategies as a means of growing brand awareness and increasing revenue.

   Arthur Mandel – President, Nolcha Fashion Week

Nolcha Fashion Week is a leading award winning event, held during New York Fashion Week, for independent fashion designers to showcase their collections to a global audience of press, retailers, stylists and industry influencers.  Over the past six years Nolcha Fashion Week: New York has established itself as a platform of discovery promoting innovative fashion designers through runway shows and exhibition.  Jeffrey Madoff – Founder, Madoff Productions 

He was chosen one of the top 10 designers in the U.S.  He then began a second career in film & video, starting Madoff Productions.  He has directed award winning commercials, documentaries and web content viewed by millions around the world.  His clients include Ralph Lauren, Victoria's Secret and Harvard University. Madoff teaches a course called “Creativity: Making a Living with Your Ideas," and is a featured writer for The Huffington Post. 

   Leland Maschmeyer – Creative Director & Partner, Collins

Collins — a brand identity and experience design firm in NYC. He speaks globally on the topic of mass collaboration and how companies can design for it. He teaches “Interaction Design” and “Designer as Entrepreneur” at the School of Visual Arts MFA Design program.  His brand work has won awards for new media innovation, design craft, brand experience innovation, social media strategy, and innovative use of technology.  He is the author of Triumph of the Commons: 55 Theses on the FutureCampaign mag selected Leland for its “Global 30 Under 30” list. 

    Bob Bland – Founder & CEO, Manufacture NY 

Bob Bland is a Brooklyn-based fashion designer, entrepreneur and community organizer.  

She is the CEO + Founder of Manufacture New York, a fashion incubator/factory hybrid dedicated to providing independent designers with the resources & skills to streamline their production process & transform local manufacturing into the most affordable, innovative option for all.  Liz Long – Co-Founder, Bag The Habit 

Bag the Habit, a company that make a variety of reusable shopping solutions using 100% eco-textiles. Founded in 2007, Bag the Habit has replaced millions of paper and plastic disposables through the sale of it's products and partnered with brands like Martha Stewart, Oprah, and Guess Jeans to create custom reusable bags. 

Through a partnership with Skillshare, Liz has taught hundreds of students about product design, production, and raising money for a business. She also acts as a 'Maker's Row Pro' on the sourcing platform, offering guidance to emerging designers.

    Brendan Lowry – Marketing Director, Curalate

Curalate, the most comprehensive platform for marketing with images, where he leads marketing and brand strategy. Prior to Curalate, Brendan launched Skillshare in Philadelphia and received his undergrad degree from Temple University in May of 2011.

    Gregory Littley – Director of Strategy, ICED Media

Greg has worked in NYC based media for 5 years. He on the print side at celebrity weeklies including Life & Style, OK!, and Star Magazine. Later, he focused on fashion and lifestyle publications, working for IMG's Fashion Week Daily, The Daily Mini, and The New York Post's Page Six Magazine. In 2009, after transitioning from print to social media, Greg positioned himself as one of New York City's premier social communicators and digital strategists, with a track record of creating and implementing successful social media programs.

   Nicole He – Art & Fashion Project Specialist , Kickstarter 

Nicole He is the Art and Fashion Project Specialist at Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects that range from games to films, technology to comics and more. Since Kickstarter's launch on April 28, 2009, over 8 million has been pledged by more than 5.6 million people, funding more than 56,000 creative projects. Nicole works directly with artists, fashion designers and other creators to bring their projects to life. 

   Roger Lee – Head  of Business Development, Mimoona NYC 

Mimoona operates the largest crowdfunding platform in Israel and recently graduated from Dreamit Ventures accelerator. It was only then did the company pivot towards the fashion sector by allowing fashion brands to test product demand before going into production. Roger has worked with previous startups including a beverage company in both business development and marketing sides

  Benjamin Kayne – Founder & CEO, kayneLIVE

Benjamin Kayne is the founder and CEO of kayneLIVE, an event production, lighting design, and audio-visual agency, creating and executing dynamic live events.  He work with brands, event agencies, public relations and marketing firms on custom concept development, production management, and technical direction for live events.

 Lee Ellis – Business Analyst, Warby Parker 

Lee write user stories, acceptance criteria, and perform UAT, Assemble and develop product requirements, Groom product backlog to prioritize work, Focus on delivering minimum viable product, Collaborate with product owners and stakeholders to create quality software and Translate business needs into technical tasks at Warby Parker.                 

 Benish Shah – CEO,  Before The Label 

Benish Shah is the CEO of Before the Label, a fashion crowdfunding platform.  Benish has worked with over 60 startups as a growth strategy consultant and lawyer (she was a partner at NYC based Sardar Law Firm), stepping into the fashion world with a nascent womenswear brand called Eva Khurshid NY.  Her work with Eva Khurshid gave rise to Before the Label, which combines her strategic background with her knowledge of the business of fashion.  

 Kristin Fernholz –Partner, Fashmark 

Fashmark is a consulting firm that provides strategic advisory services exclusively to fashion and lifestyle brands with accelerated rates of growth or who are positioned for equity-financing.

Kristin helps clients implement performance-based digital marketing and advertising efforts across both B2B and B2C channels. She partners with both enterprise level solutions and newly funded start-ups to present evolving opportunities that further accelerate client growth.

   Erika Miller –Founder, ELM Consulting 

Featured digital marketing blogger on OS-Fashion, Erika Miller covers SEO, training, and analytics. As a digital marketing analyst for over 10 years, Erika specializes in Search Engine Optimization. Currently working with Adobe as an SEO strategist, she oversees high profile brand campaigns. Her previous role was as Senior SEO analyst for, which was her foray int fashion. 

    Amanda Parkes– Chief of Tech & Research, Manufacture NY 

Amanda Parkes is a media designer & technologist interested in how digital technologies and smart materials can expand our relationship with natural phenomena to facilitate a more intuitive connection between technology and the natural world. She completed her PhD in the Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media Lab with a concentration on computational materiality in kinetic interfaces as an area of innovation in future products – combining principles of abstracted motion in robotics with hybrid materials to empower designers in the process of kinetic improvisation and motion prototyping.

 Jessica LaRotta – Co-Founder, Elite Styles 

Elite Styles Events offers full-service event planning, design, production and management services.

 Rob Sanchez – Chief Strategist, Manufacture NY 

A serial entrepreneur, Rob has started four different companies and worked for two additional startups. In his last company, Fashioning Our Industry, Rob began a fashion focused pitch event, resulting in the successful funding of two companies.  Rob is a J.D. candidate at Fordham Law School and is focused on Business Law, Fashion Law, and Entrepreneurial Law.  While at Fordham, he worked for the New York Angels, evaluating over 25 companies, performing due diligence on five private deals, and participating in over ,000,000 in raised funds. His undergraduate degree was from Yale University

 Amy Chen – Director of Strategy, Snapette

Amy Chen is the Director of Operations and Strategy at Snapette, a leading mobile platform for discovering fashion products in nearby stores and online.  Snapette works closely with thousands of fashion retail partners, who range from local boutique gems to global brands and retailers, to create the largest single destination for finding fashion products available locally and online.  At Snapette, Amy has been closely involved in bridging the online and offline brick-and-mortar shopping experience for retailers and shoppers through mobile.  Prior to Snapette, Amy advised retail clients in Mergers and Acquisitions Investment Banking at Credit Suisse.  Amy graduated cum laude from Harvard College with a degree in Economics.

at LIM College – Maxwell Hall
216 E 45th St
New York, United States

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