French Spy Agency's Headquarters Erased From Google Maps

French Spy Agency's Headquarters Erased From Google Maps
The headquarters for France's Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE) has been added to the list of censored Google Maps locations after the agency came under scrutiny for monitoring the Internet and phone activity of French citizens.
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Forget servers; One day Facebook, Google and other web giants will make their
It may already be happening: Back in 2010 Google bought a company called Agnilux that reportedly was trying to build a power efficient server chip, and details about what Google did with that company are scant. Maybe it's designing its own server …
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Tracking environmental variables in Google Earth with Valarm
Valarm is an Android app that allows your device to capture a massive amount of information about the environment around you. Among the many great features of the app is the ability to export your data to Google Earth, creating excellent visualizations …
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