19 Replies to ““French Toast Tango” Torrentz ft. MC Wreckshin and Rappy McRapperson”

  1. yes jennaz14 but you can also find lists of free movie? streaming sites on the net too.. try the bestfreestreaming . com site – just put it into google with out the spaces. they have an updated list of the 9 best free movie streaming sites. gud luk girl!

  2. I’m don’t speak French but I think there is a typo at 1:31 I think it’s supposed to say ‘concombres du le vagin’. Meaning ‘cucumbers of the vagina’ lol.

  3. Garçon Bring me a bone with the finest flesh this side of rome My home-eye-in like a homming pigeon with a smidgen for the women with the finest bitchin cause i eat those carrots like every day still amazed by Crème brûlée I play with food I’m the dude with the Pâté I eat cat food sniff glue and it might make me sick like quick on a stick of celery a fellony you hate on the veggies Mix bananas with spanish spegetti Ready to steady even eat a yeti Food fetish is my food sweaty concombres doan –

  4. I’m having a snack attack so i crack a new pack of bat’s vaginas tastes kinda like chicken dick licking my lips smack stakin’ the yak liver with a rack of black ribs and a sliver of cat’s spine which is fine if it’s french fried in garlic and wine and I’m trying to find a new kind of pot roast as a change to the blind flying rodent that i spread on my french toast So go dig on your swine carve your beef dine on your lamb shank But don’t whine in my face and tell my my diet’s rank oh no

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