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  1. Cesar Betancourt says:

    This totally sound like sopa and pipa laws the internet cannot be regulated

  2. nosleepforaweek says:

    On a non joking matter, I AGREE 100%!

  3. Anlimema says:

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  4. ThePrincess0556 says:

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  5. aljensen2001 says:


  6. Naruto3913 says:

    I seriously think Macs should be banned. I hate macs >>>

  7. pimpin94gsr says:

    You should run for president sir phil

  8. samanosuke4 says:


  9. RdGreenMusik says:

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  10. CaptainCasca says:

    The internet being regulated sounds like the start of a horrible, horrible thing. It feel like someone is removing freedom!

  11. KuroshitsujiFan99 says:

    So once again the government is trying to take away the one thing that we have that is SUPPOSED to be free for people. Last time I checked we have freedom of expression, which internet is one of them. Can’t the government just leave us crazy internet otaku’s alone?!

  12. Jasmine James says:

    terrible. just terrible.

  13. 96animaniac says:

    internet is going to be free and there is no changing that

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