Friday Seminar – Improving your social media marketing

Friday Seminar – Improving your social media marketing
Event on 2013-12-20 09:30:00

 Should I come to this seminar?

1.    Have you got your approach to social media marketing nailed?

 2.   Are you on the right channels, speaking with the right people?

 3.   Are you seen as a participator (good) or a broadcaster (not so good)?

4. Is your social media marketing having the business impact you’d like?

If you answered yes to all of the questions above then this seminar is probably not for you. Sounds like you’re crushing it!

However, if you’re not quite there yet and you’d like to make your social media marketing more effective then come along to our free seminar. We’ll address all of the 4 points above and answer any other questions you may have. We’ll even include tea and biscuits.

Sounds good. Who’s running it?


Who’s he?

Al is one of the Directors at Optix and has been consulting with clients on developing effective approaches to digital marketing since he and James founded the business in 1999. A big fan of Twitter (@banksy6) you can also find him blogging about business and life in Devon over at

Ok let’s do it. But where?

1st Floor
Alphin Brook House
Alphin Brook Road
Marsh Barton

To book your place please do drop Olly a line ( or book online via our Eventbrite page.

Thanks for reading.

at Optix Solutions
Alphin Brook Road
Exeter, United Kingdom

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